Property Easy:

PM Assistant

We support and do the legwork for busy property managers and their teams. We save their time, enable them to get more done and help to enhance their relationships with their clients and residents.
Organise contractors and other property professionals
Fixing the Roof

Ask us to organise the contractors and other professional services you need to maintain, manage and care for your properties.

Stay in control of the tasks we are organising for you
At the Office

Track, contribute to and make decisions on the tasks and projects we are organising for you.

Add value to your clients and residents
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The people who rely on you may need help in areas you do not cover. Instead of saying "No", give them that "can do" feeling and refer them to us so we can organise what they need.

Boost communications and collaboration with your communities
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Stay in the loop with your communities of residents and RMC boards.  Ideal for block managers.

Get information about the properties
Business Meeting

As we work with you more and more we will collate and compile a library of useful information about your properties for your reference.

Get information about suppliers
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You can see the information we have accumulated about the various independent contractors and property professionals we work with.

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